Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, the antonym of long is short. Often words will have more than one antonym but as with synonyms it depends on the context. For instance, the word warm could have the antonym cool or chilly. In order to choose the correct antonym, you have to look at all the meanings and how the word is used. Cool can mean stylish as well as chilly so the word cool may not be the best choice.

Types of Antonyms - विलोम शब्द के प्रकार

Graded antonyms are word pairs that have variations between the two opposites. For example, big and little are antonyms but there are a lot of changes before you get to the opposite meaning. Like this:

Big, huge, bulky, full-size, slight, petite, little

Happy – sad

Healthy – sick

Smart – stupid

Relational antonyms are pairs that have a relationship. Each word wouldn’t exist without the other. There can’t be a parent without a child or it’s either all or nothing. Other examples include:

Open – close

Husband – wife

Front – back

Hello – goodbye

Complimentary antonyms are word pairs that have no degree of meaning. There are only two opposite possibilities.

Dead- alive

True – false

Male- female

Daughter – son

On – off