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Expert in horse riding.Cavalier(घुडसवारी)
Existing since old times.Antique(पुरातन/प्राचीन )
Expert for ever.Eternal(शाश्वत/नित्य)
Amount of money paid to free a prisoner.Ransom(फिरैती)
Refreshment or amusement after hard work.Recreation(मनोरंजन)
Animals with four feet.Quadruped(चैपाया)
Any soft drink except water.Beverage(पेय/मादक पेय)
Art of growing vegetables,fruits,flowers.Horticulture(बागवानी)
Art of making fireworks.Pyrotechnics(आतिशबाजी)
Art of map making.Cartography(मानचित्र बनाने की कला)
Style of speaking well.Elocution(वाकपटुता)
Artifiial centre for honey bees.Hive(मधुमक्खी का छत्ता)
Assembly of worshippers.Congregation(धर्ममंडली)
Authors explanatory remarks at the beginning of a book.Preface(प्रस्तावना)
Distinguishing marks of an office.Insignia(अधिकार चिन्ह/बैज)(Badge)
A bed of a new born baby.Cradle/Crib(खटोला,बच्चे का पालना)
Belief not based on reason or knowledge.Superstition(अंधविश्वास)
Bird that comes and goes with seasons.Migratory(प्रवासी)
Blessing given by a priest.Benediction(आशीवाद,मंगल कामना)
Board of directors in a company or organization.Directorate(निदेशक मंडल)
A body of delegates.Delegacy(प्रतिनिधि मंडल)
A book of a sacred/ religious nature.Scripture(धर्मग्रंथ)
Books, pictures etc intended to arouse sexual desire.Erotica(अश्लील ग्रंथ/कामोत्तेजक साहित्य)
Bring back to life.Revive(होश मे लाना)
Bring under control by force.Capture(कब्ज़ा/अधीन करना)
Bring under control in war.Subjugate(अधीन/दमन करना)

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