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A building for the display of works of art.Gallery(काला भवन)
That can be expressed in words.Expressible(कथनीय)
Call back to the mind.Recall(स्मरण करना)
Capable of being reached.Accessible(सुगम/सुलभ)
Centre of attraction.Cynosure(आकषर्ण बिंदु)
A building equipped with a powerful telescope for astronomical bservations.Observatory(वैधशाला)
Brief account of a subject.Summary/Compendium(सारांश)
Break an agreement law or promise.Violate(उल्लघंन करना)
A building where military weapons are prepared or stored.Arsenal(शास्त्रागार)
That can live without outside help.Viable(जीने मे सक्षम)
A caretaker of a public building.Custodian(जीने मे संरक्षक)
Attachment to what is natural.Naturalism(प्रकृतिवाद)
Approximate calculation of something.Estimate(आकलन/अनुमान)
Any kind of grain used for food.Cereal(अनाज)
Angry at injustice.Indignant(रोष)
Anxious to help somebody.Solicitous(ध्यान रखने वाला)
That can be perceived by the senses.Preceptible(अनुभवगम्य)
Ceremony of crowning a king.Coronation(राज्याभिषेक)
A chain of flowers, leaves, ribbons etc.Festoon(तोरण/झालर)
Change in direction.Diversion(दिशा परिवर्तन)
Change to something abnormal, unnatural.Perversion(विकृति/पथभ्रष्टता)
Child of unusual or remarkable talent.Prodigy(प्रतिभासंपन्न बालक)
Chief actor or character in a story or drama.Protagonist(नायक/मुख्य पात्र)
Habitual character and disposition.Ethos(आचार/लोकाचार)
Using of new words.Neologism(नये शब्दों का प्रयोग)
One who holds that nothing is or can be known of the existence of god.Agnostic(वह व्यक्ति जिसका सिद्धांत यह है कि ईश्वर के विषय मे न जाना गया है,ना जाना जा सकता है)

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